• Waterwolf-MPX-3-2018-yellow
  • BT-Remote-Control
  • Battery Q30

MPX-3-2018 >>> Gold Gewinner ISPO Award 2018 <<<

>NEW LCD-Display (Voltage / Temperature / Power)
  • Digital Startbutton
  • Security leash / Protection ring / wings / Handle
  • +Bluetooth-Safety-Control (MPX-3-2018)
  • 1x Li-Ionen changeable Battery
  • 1x Standard Recharger
  • 1x Boardbag


Volume: 105L (for drivers until max: 85kg/90kg)

Board dimension: 239cm x 65 cm x 13cm

Weight: ~28kg incl. Battery


Volume: 124L (for drivers until max: 95kg)

Board dimension: 239cm x 70 cm x 13cm
Weight: ~29kg incl. Battery


Voltage: 51.2V (max. 58.8V)

Capacity: 34Ah (~2kWh)

Power: 5.0- 6.0KW*

Speed max: 25-30km/h**
Runtime: 30-35min (Range: ~ 10 km)

Loading time: ~ 3.5 hours

(with Speed Recharger: 1.5hrs - max. ca. 2 1/4hrs)


New: HRS- Construction (High Rresitance Skin)

Material: Fiberglass/Epoxyconstruction incl. Carbon reinforcements


Colors: white / blue / red / new: yellow


* depending from state of charge

** depending from driver weight and water surface



MPX-3-2018 (incl. new Bluetooth-Remote-Control)

Price: 11.990.-€ incl. VAT

Delivery time: May 2018


Technical or price changes are possible

(Date: 2018-03-03)