Certification & Safety indications


The electric surfboard Waterwolf is a technologically mature device with a great many security components (temperature control, emergency shut-off system, protective band). However some safety measures have to be considered, particularly in connection with electronic components (battery, electric motor).

The boards entire circuit (propulsion systems, including battery and electronic device) is initially disconnected and will not be supplied with electricity until applying the emergency stop leash. 

The activation of the board (applying of the emergency stop leash and switching on the throttle-lever) may only be carried out when located in waters of 50cm depth minimum.

In general it has to be taken care that no objects/body parts are nearby the propulsion unit, respectively the propeller!  (Caution acute risk of injury!!) In addition an ample safe distance must be kept!

The electric surfboard Waterwolf is a motorized buoy, hence a life vest must be put on, furthermore it is recommended to wear a wetsuit (as protection from injuries and hypothermia in case of an unintended dismount).

In case of sudden danger (swimmers outside of the permitted swimming area, object in the water, or similar) eather the speed must be reduced immediately or the emergency stop leash must be pulled!

After the ride, before the battery is being exchanged or recharged, the board always must be deactivated.
(Pull emergency leash stop)

It must be pointed out specifically that for the most of the inland waters different shipping regulations for motorized water crafts exist, respectively watersports equipment. For further details on shipping regulations/authorization you are welcome to contact us.