Surfing without wind and waves


The Waterwolf-MPX-3 is the new developed electric powered high-tec surfboard. It combines modern technology with the fascination and simplicity of surfing. With the MPX-3 it´s possible to surf soundless and environment-friendly on lakes and rivers without wind and waves but also perfectly in waves. The Waterwolf MPX-3 is perfect to practice the take-off and to make radical maneuvers and it gives you a mixture of snowboarding and "real" surfing.

~make your own wave  ~~  any place, any time ~~

Philosophie & Mission


Primary idea was to develop a surfboard with an ecofriendly motor to catch waves more easily.

During development time it turned out that waves are no longer necessary.


Surfers can surf now on every lake, rivers, Ocean and have not to wait for wind waves any longer.

Beginners will get the chance to experience the feeling of surfing of a very simple uncomplicated way. 


The special developed motorized-propeller-drive-unit (MPX) in combination with the special recess at the bottom side makes it possible to ride narrow radical turns without a stall without ropes, straps or any other additives.


The design concept was to a combine the high-tec components with elementariness of the surfboard look. Straight technical contours with functional elements define the outline. Classic surfboard materials as epoxy and styrofoam have been combined with carbon reinforcements for the huge forces. The pad outline underlines this consequently.