WATERWOLF® – the new electric hightec surfboard - made in Germany -

It is flexible and fast.

You want to surf but there is no wind
and no wave in sight?

Ideal conditions for the Waterwolf.
Press the start button and ... let's go!

~ make your own wave ~
~ any place any time ~

New Videos

Ispo Award Video 2016 / Surf Magic / Summer Video 2015


New Waterwolf MPX-3-2017


- Volume 105L / Volume 124L -


"Productflyer/ brochure with more detailed pictures and inforamation available at April 2017"



News & Events

Season opening 2017

The E-Surfer Waterwolf MPX-3-2016 and the new Waterwolf MPX-3-2017 can be testet

at Gastl-Boote at the Starnberger See at 01.04.2017.

If you're interested please contcat Gastl-Boote.de

season opening 2017 Waterwolf MPX-3